Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still catching up -- June 12 and 13

I came down with the flu on June 1, and was wiped out for quite a while. Friday, June 12 was the first day the kids and I got out for a bike ride by Wingra creek and Quann park.

We noticed that the Black Locust flowers were done blooming. A pity because they are tasty. We missed them this year because of our traveling and sickness!

We also saw lots of large fish thrashing around in Wingra Creek. That must have been the peak day, because I've seen a fish now and then thrashing around since then, but not very many. Anyone know what kind of fish that is? Was it laying eggs?

We also saw Cottonwood tree seeds everywhere. It looked like it was snowing!

We found our first monarch caterpillar of the season!

We also saw the following wildflowers:

Birds-foot Trefoil

Daisy fleabane

Crown Vetch

Bittersweet Nightshade

And this weed unknown to us (maybe thimbleweed?) (Please see here for my further thoughts on this.)

Saturday, June 13 was the first day I biked by Lake Monona. I saw Wild Parsnip, Common Yarrow, Hedge Bindweed, Field Bindweed, Sweet Yellow Clover, some kind of Cinquefoil (maybe Sulphur?)and Ox-Eye Daisies blooming.

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