Sunday, June 21, 2009

Colorful times

I saw my first Chicory flower on Saturday. I love the bright blue color.

The first Daylily in our yard.

The first ripe Juneberries (which I ate.)

I think I solved the mystery of the above unknown plant that I first mentioned here. From what I've read, it is probably Narrow-leaved Plantain (which is in the same genus as Common Plantain that is found as a weed in yards.)

Another beautiful color that I found yesterday on the bike path by the tunnel under John Nolen Drive. I had never seen this plant before. From the wildflower identification books, it looks to me like the name of this flower is Four-o'clock.

I found this on the bike path by Wingra Creek near the tunnel too. It sure looks like some kind of geranium, but I couldn't find one that seemed to exactly match in the books I have.

This was growing by our back door, and I've never seen it before either! It might be White Avens.

I found this by Wingra creek, near the bridge to Quann park. I've never seen it before. I haven't had a chance to look very hard, but so far, I have no idea what the above might be.

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