Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Wren and Lots of Leaves

We saw our first wren of the year in our backyard yesterday. I have also been hearing white-throated sparrows and seeing them now and then too. This is the first year I've seen them more than once during the spring! I also saw two pine siskins in our yard today. I saw them passing through one day in the winter, so it was nice to see these infrequent visitors again. They are probably on their way back home.

A lot of different trees seem to be leafing out now. I'm not sure what all of them are. Some of them seem like crabapple trees. When it stops raining (which may not be for a day or two!), I will go and take a closer look at some of them. The cherry tree we planted in our yard showed its first leaves yesterday. It was hot yesterday (over 80F), and it is back to cool today, and gray and rainy. I don't mind the cool so much, but the gray and rainy is not my favorite, though it is definitely spring weather!

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  1. I don't remember seeing too many white-throated sparrows before. Yesterday we had at least three males at the feeder.