Tuesday, May 19, 2009

End of May

We've never had the above in our garden before (not the Creeping Charlie, but the stuff in front). I think it's something in the mint family, but I couldn't be sure from the guidebooks what kind of mint it is.

Another new species in our garden! Maybe Early Meadow Rue?

We are going to be in London for the rest of May. Can't wait to see how many more surprises we will find in June in our by then even more untended garden and yard!

Please leave comments about what we're missing in the Madison growing season if you get a chance.


  1. Your weed is called Henbit. It is a common garden weed where I grew up in Oklahoma. You are the third person that I have identified this for in the past two weeks, and none of us have ever seen it growning in Wisconsin before. It is kind of beautiful, but produces thousands of seeds that can be a problem.