Thursday, March 5, 2009

Robins at Olbrich Gardens

We saw five or six robins this afternoon at Olbrich Gardens. A sure sign of spring!

I also saw a robin by our house in the morning, and one in Quann park in the evening, but that may have been the same robin that I saw about three weeks ago, that either migrated early, or has been spending the winter here. We will have to look in our neighborhood over the next few days to see if we can find more than one robin.

Last year, we also saw robins at Olbrich Gardens before they came to our neighborhood. This made Maynie speculate today that maybe Olbrich Gardens is one of many gathering places for robins. Maybe the robins show up first at the gathering places, and then everywhere else. We'll have to go to Olbrich Gardens again next spring to see if they show up first there again. Olbrich Gardens is north of here, so they should get to our neighborhood first since the robins come from the south. So we'll have to see if and why they show up further north first. Write in your robin observations to help confirm or reject our theories!

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  1. Spring!! With today's temperatures in the 60's, we spent lots of time outside and it was fun seeing several robins in our neighborhood (Monroe St.) and on a bike ride in Nakoma. Yes, they are back. They might have been here earlier, but today I definitely noticed them.